Toronto is celebrated as a “city within a park”. 1001 Broadview Residences embodies this moniker proudly. Life here is designed to be a breath of fresh air … figuratively and literally.

Your new home is wrapped in a sea of green: to the west and north, breathtaking panoramic vistas of the Don Valley; to the south and east, some of Toronto’s oldest residential neighbourhoods, canopied in mature maples, ashes, elms…. The proximity to this impressive urban forest makes the air here is cleaner and cooler. Additionally, extensive landscaping is integral to 1001 Broadview Residences’ design, buffering the architecture in sweeping bands of green: row of trees along the wide sidewalks, tidy hedges wrapping the glass retail façade, a green garden, and plantings softening the deep, stepped terraces along the building’s sloping façade.


See your city in a new light. 1001 Broadview Residences offers unparalleled vistas such as this view from the penthouse suite.



More than just a winning vantage point, 1001 Broadview Residences is designed with a vision of promoting connections to the landscape and ultimately fostering a greener lifestyle. Ample bike parking means you’re ready to bike to work or hit the trailhead just across Broadview that lets bikers drop down to the Don’s vast network of paths. From there, connect up with the Martin Goodman Trail, which spans Toronto’s 22-kilometres of waterfront, or pop over to buzz-worthy new downtown parks like Corktown Common and Underpass Park. The trails also offer the perfect nature hike before or after a leisurely brunch at the Evergreen Brickworks, while nearby parks mean access to tennis, swimming and more.

Whatever your pursuit, when the day is done, and you retreat this quiet, liveable corner tucked away from the hustle and bustle, you’ll find a serene haven in the suites at 1001 Broadview Residences.